The Joker


Cryptic Crossword Clue: Just one kooky, evil rascal, beginning to clown around (5)

Look. We all know The Joker. He’s Batman’s number one villain with a bullet. (Or, with a crowbar! Am I right, Jason Todd?) He hasn’t gone out of his way to bother the Justice League en masse too often. Oh, sure, he’s joined (and then torn apart from within) supervillain teams such as The Injustice Gang or The Secret Society of Super-Villains before. But rarely has he worked alone against the JLA.

The Joker in the Comics

Justice League of America – Issue 77

The Joker's playin', Snapper's betrayin'
The Joker’s playin’, Snapper’s betrayin’

In perhaps the best thing he’s ever done, The Joker pops up in JLA 77, disguised as John Dough, the most ordinary man in America. He’s preaching against the Justice League, for being too extraordinary. Whose mind does he win over in the process? Why, Snapper Carr’s, of course. The addled Snapper leads the Joker to the JLA headquarters – currently a cave – where he runs amok for a bit until Bats punches him in the head and unmasks him.

Still, in just one issue, The Joker has a) got Snapper kicked out of the JLA and b) forced the JLA to move into a satellite and their greatest ever era of comics. Quality effort.

Availability: This story can be found in the Justice League Bronze Age Omnibus, Volume 1 from