Norch Lor


Cryptic Crossword Clue: No one really confronted his lunacy or rudeness at first. So the Thanagarian stole some souls (5,3)

Norch Lor is a Thanagarian with a penchant for stealing souls. Classic Thanagarian dick move. No wonder Rann always has to go to war with them.

Norch Lor in the Comics

Justice League of America – Issue 80

Thanagarian soul-stealing dickery from Norch Lor
Thanagarian soul-stealing dickery from Norch Lor

Norch Lor shows up in issue 80 and immediately begins using something called a Ghenna Box to start stealing people’s souls. Also, he tries to get a troop of boy scouts to walk off a cliff to their death. While nobody can blame him for the latter, the former is serious business. Especially once he bursts into the JLA satellite and steals the souls of several League members. Fortunately, Black Canary uses some zero-gravity ju-jitsu to save the day. Easy as.

Availability: This story can be found in the Justice League Bronze Age Omnibus, Volume 1 from