Cryptic Crossword Clue: Within the JLA is a scar, thanks to this non-villain (7)

Carthan is the greatest hero of the planet Dryanna. And, coincidentally, one of the worst villains of the Justice League. Because he’s not really interested in villainy at all. Come on, Carthan. I don’t pay ten cents an issue to read about a guy who’s being villainous for good reasons.

Carthan in the Comics

Justice League of America – Issue 4

Despite the best efforts of Carthan, Green Arrow joins the JLA
Despite the best efforts of Carthan, Green Arrow joins the JLA

When Xandor, the king of Dryanna, discovers that his number one warrior, Carthan, is ‘hella invulnerable’, he comes up with a confusing scheme to exile him to Earth, along with three magic boxes. In a monumentally confusing page and a half of exposition, Xandor explains that Carthan can leave Earth, but the boxes will blind him if he does, but also if he removes the covering of the boxes, he won’t go blind, but all life on Earth will be destroyed. Also, the aura that gives him his invulnerability also means he can’t reveal to the JLA his situation.

Look, it’s all monumentally contrived, but in the process of the JLA eventually sorting everything out and helping the hapless Carthan go home, new Justice League member Green Arrow does get encased in a giant lead egg. So it’s not all bad.

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