The Sinister Sorcerers


Cryptic Crossword Clue: Can the removal of all science explain the terrorists’ cheeriness? (3,8,9)

The Sinister Sorcerers, y’all! You know them. How can we forget Simon Magus (not the one who later appears in Astro City)? Or Saturna, The Lord of Misrule? Or old foe, the Troll King? Hmm? You have forgotten them? Well, that’s hardly surprising. 

As villainous groups go, they’re not the most memorable, with perhaps their most successful moment of evil-doing being the time they made me unsure whether it was spelled ‘sorcerers’ or ‘sorcerors’. Any villains I have to regularly spell-check are problematic.

The Sinister Sorcerers in the Comics

Justice League of America – Issue 2

The Sinister Sorcerers - one issue and done!
The Sinister Sorcerers – one issue and done!

The Sinister Sorcerers appear just the one time, in the second issue of Justice League of America. There, they switch Earth with, uh, Magic-Land, in the process removing all science on Earth and all magic on Magic-Land. Presumably, it’s now just ‘-Land’. Naturally, the Justice League cast a spell, summon Merlin and then set about rounding up the Sinister Sorcerers.

Issue highlight? Probably when Snapper Carr accidentally turns himself into a blue giant after goofing around with Merlin’s wand, so the JLA immediately use this as an excuse to beat the living snot out of him.

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