Cryptic Crossword Clue: Pollution-loving aliens stormed so dangerously (9)

Doomsters are a race of pollution-loving aliens who are looking to make Earth a wasteland of toxic chemicals and contaminated air. Impatient creatures.

Doomsters in the Comics

Justice League of America – Issues 78 and 79

Can you spot the subtle message behind this story?
Can you spot the subtle message behind this story?

The Doomsters show up and start poisoning the Earth – turning water into oil-ridden muck and the skies into smokey filth. Luckily, the JLA is joined by Black Canary (who becomes a full member of the team, presumably as some kind of satellite-warming gift to themselves) and, uh, the Vigilante, a guy who likes to wear a cowboy costume.

Fortunately, nobody else is really needed to save the day other than Superman and Green Lantern, and after a bit of space tourism, they rapidly do so. And pollution never existed again.

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